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The blossoming of the cruise industry in recent decades means that whatever cruise itinerary you are interested in, you are more than likely to find it. And cruising is not just about big ships and life on the high seas. There are a host of other ways to take a nautical holiday: a steamboat or barge down the Mississippi, Yangtze or Nile; a tall ship manned by your own fair (or more probably, somewhat weather worn) hand through the Caribbean; or a tiny luxury ship negotiating the bracing Hebridean coastline. There are even safari cruises Travel Quest's Eclipse itineraries, feature stays in Kenyan game reserves. will you see the big five?

The clientele of cruise holidays is also increasingly widening to match the variety of destinations. It's not all pearls and Poirot any more, but neither is it YMCA and plastic cups of cava: in many cases (not all, though) modern cruise lines go to some effort to create an easy elegance which will appeal to both younger and older holidaymakers. And the advent of specialist cruises means that whatever your interests and hobbies there will be a cruise itinerary for you (unless it's base jumping or extreme ironing, and even then it's probably not out of the question). Scuba diving, horse riding, cultural/intellectual enrichment or bumming around on a beach when you've chosen your desired activity, a good cruise itinerary will give you the chance to visit places and ports which might be out of reach of other tours.

There are also an increasing number of theme cruises, where the chosen route is given extra drama by a number of special activities Carnival's health and wellness cruises offer various life enhancing activities such as yoga, tai chi, nutritional advice and slightly scary sounding 'spiritual fitness'. Holland America's Big Band cruises incorporate yes, the clue is in the title performances from well known big bands. There are also dance contests, and as is the tradition on cruises, the entertainers in this case the musicians socialise with passengers.

If it's important to you to see and do as much as you can on your cruise, look for a 'port intensive' holiday which will, as its name suggests, keep sea days to a minimum, visiting as many places as possible. Although the ship might stay overnight in one or two ports, most of the travelling will be done at night, meaning a late afternoon/evening departure from each destination. With hundreds of ships and routes out there, it shouldn't be too hard to find a cruise itinerary to your liking. Start when you've finished looking at our site, of course! with a cruise agent, a magazine such as Cruise Traveller and/or one of the many internet cruise bookers or company sites.