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World cruises are the ultimate something that every fan of this form of travel dreams of. For those with the time and the money to take a few months off to travel, world cruises are not a bad way to do it. Once you've unpacked and settled in, your hotel moves with you. It's a way to see a variety of cultures, eco systems and climates while remaining as relaxed as possible no racing for trains and planes and minimal haggling and struggling with language barriers. If these things sound to you (as they may well do) like the spice of a world tour, don't take a cruise. But if you like the idea of a calm and carefree way to sample the globe's delights, this kind of holiday could be for you.

One thing to bear in mind, if you're considering a world cruise, is how important it is to think carefully about your itinerary. When choosing a ship, look at how long it spends in port, and where because the trip will be so long, you'll be glad for the days on shore. Several cruise lines operate or have operated world tours among them, Radisson Seven Seas, Cunard and PO. It's a big undertaking for the cruise line as well, so these tours may not be a regular occurrence check with a cruise agent or the cruise lines themselves to find out if, when and where they are operating world cruises. Below, to start you off, are cruises operated by the lines already mentioned.

Radisson's Seven Sea Voyager's world cruise starts and finishes in the US. After leaving Los Angeles, the ship sails south to the Pacific Ocean. It takes in the Marquesas Islands, French Polynesia and the Cook Islands before spending two weeks in New Zealand. Then it's Australia, south east Asia, India, Egypt and parts of Europe. finally ending up back in America 106 days later. Cunard, which has been taking passengers on long sailings since the 1840s, runs world cruises with 43 ports of call in 25 different countries. Its Queen Mary 2, which entered service only recently, is the largest passenger cruise ship ever built. PO's Oriana operates an 'Around the World in 80 Days' cruise which probably doesn't need much explanation while Aurora provides a somewhat longer world cruise at 103 days. Both ships start in Southampton and during the journey cross six of the world's eight oceans truly epic voyages.