Ayia Napa Cyprus Holidays Hot Beaches and Hotter Nightlife

Ayia Napa Church

Ayia Napa has achieved notoriety as the Levantine answer to Ibiza and continues to be the favoured resort of those coming to Cyprus in pursuit of the traditional package holiday pleasures of sun, sea and sex (all washed down with copious quantities of lager). It has also attracted the attentions of a more discerning urban clientele, drawn to the resort by its status as the garage music Mecca of the Mediterranean.

Ayia Napa's rise to fame has been swift and sudden. It began life as a small fishing village and consequently there is little of historic interest in the town today (except a monastery marooned in the sea of bars and nightclubs that constitutes the 'old town'). Development began in earnest in the 1980's when an enterprising local Cypriot businessman started inviting UK garage promoters over to hold club nights on the island. The rest, as they say, is history and by the time Channel 4 began filming Fantasy Island in 1999, the resort was a firm favourite of Britain's urban youth.

It is a popular holiday resort area with plenty of hotels to accommodate the many party goers and cafe enticed visitors to Ayia Napa. Before the sun goes down beckoning tourists and locals alike to the buzz of the nightlife ahead, take an excursion or day trip to the stunning Cape Gkreko. With its clear turquoise waters and caves to match, snorkelling and divng will surely be high on anyones list.

Ayia Napa the holiday experience

Arriving in the mid afternoon you'll find little evidence of Ayia Napa's nightly frenzy; the town is normally half asleep and most of the tourists are either dozing in hotels or basking on the beach. At sunset Ayia Napa slowly begins to stir and by 11pm revellers are pouring out of the multitude of bars and heading for the clubs. The central square at this stage is a soup of sound; as cheesy house anthems clash with garage and RB classics. Alcohol flows, passions run high and everyone tends to get a little over excited.

The Cypriot police have tried to keep a lid on things and are keen to stress that the resort is a family friendly and respectable place. Despite their best efforts, Ayia Napa is still lauded as the island's premier party destination. Those needing a break from Ayia Napa's frenetic charms will be pleased to hear that it's within easy reach of some of Cyprus' best beaches. However, if you really want to get away from it all you could do a lot worse than hiring a car and driving deep into the Troodos Mountains. Alternatively it's worth considering basing yourself outside Ayia Napa and catching a cab in for the odd night on the tiles.