Cyprus Travel Holiday Guide Vacations

Traditionally seen as a convenient stepping stone between Europe and the Middle East; Cyprus owes much of its historic importance to an enviable geographic location. It’s hardly surprising then that every major power in the region has made a point of conquering or colonising it at some point. Cyprus’ position at the maritime crossroads of the Mediterranean has brought religious diversity and even today plump Orthodox domes compete with slender minarets to define the skyline.

Cyprus’ dominant religions haven’t always seen eye to eye and in 1974 the Green Line was drawn across the country to separate the Turkish North from the Greek South. However, in the more distant past the island’s tolerance and plurality led to a rich mingling of cultures and today visitors exploring the island can roam crusader castles, Roman ruins, Greek temples and Byzantine basilicas; all within the walls of a single town.

Cyprus has been welcoming visitors for millennia and Cypriots are well known for their hospitality. Besides a warm welcome you are guaranteed clear blue skies and year round sunshine, as well as stunning beaches and spectacular scenery. The island’s cultural diversity is perhaps best reflected in the local cuisine, which brings together the best elements of Mediterranean cooking. Menus borrow heavily from their neighbours and you can expect national signature dishes ranging from meze and mousaka to kebabs and keftethes (all washed down with copious amounts of retsina and a glass or two of raki).

To help you get the most out of Aphrodite’s birthplace we have written guides to all the major resorts, highlighted the different activities that the island has to offer and outlined the main holiday essentials. For those who fall in love with Cyprus (and decided that they don’t want to go back) we’ve also included a breakdown of the property market, some top tips for purchasing a house and a guide to the basics of buying. If you’re undecided about whether to visit the Turkish North or the Greek Cypriot South; then we’ll help you make up your mind, and we’ll even point anyone who wants to book a room or rent a car in the right direction. In fact, visiting the island has never been easier; so what are you waiting for?