Cyprus Attractions Things To Do in Cyprus


People flock to Cyprus to soak in the warm sun and view the splendid ruins and architecture. We don’t want you to miss anything while you are there so we have put together Cyprus’ top attractions:

1. Party in the Nightclubs of Agia Napa

2. Savour the Sun at Limassol’s Lady’s Mile Beach with its golden sands

3. Walk along the many nature tracks including those in Atalante and Troodos areas.

4. Take to the snow at Mount Olympus during winter, usually January through to the middle of March.

5. Visit the most famous of Cyprus’ archaeological sites: Kourin, the Greco Roman Amphitheatre and Ancient Salamis.

6. Take a wine tour with over 50 wineries alone spread through the Troodos Mountain range.

7. The warm, clear turquoise waters of the Mediterranean provide the perfect spot for dive enthusiasts.

8. For those up for a bit of fun, try an excursion with Georges Fun Bus, a day tour that’s bound to leave you with some great memories.

9. Kourion (Curium) – for those wanting to visit some of the great ancient ruins, visit this historical site

10. Enjoy numerous water sports in Lempa in West Cyprus and the blue waters at Pafos.

11. Cape Gkreko is a must see, with its rugged coastline and clear waters.

12. Take in the restored ruins at Salamis including the Gymnasium and the Roman Amphitheatre

13. For those adventurous ones among us, cliff jumping might be the perfect activity for your Cyprus travels