Cyprus Turkish Airlines (CTA) Flight Information

Cyprus Turkish Airlines (CTA) is a relatively small scale aviation operation flying from a limited number of European airports. Although it is the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus’ national carrier, don’t expect anything too swish. The international isolation of the Turkish North has given Cyprus Turkish Airlines a monopoly on flights into the region which has led to an apathetic attitude towards customers. However, the growing likelihood of direct flights to the North (and competition from other airlines) should sound a clear wake up call. They currently operate out of Heathrow, Stansted, Gatwick, Glasgow Manchester and Dublin airports.

Because of Northern Cyprus’ political ‘situation’ most flights are routed through Turkey. Flights land at either Ankara or Istanbul and typically add between 5 7 hours to journey times. Some holidaymakers decide to make a virtue out of this necessity by taking a few days to visit Istanbul en route (Ankara has got a limited amount to offer tourists). Cyprus Turkish Airlines flights touch down in Ercan airport, which has recent been renovated and reopened after a two year hiatus.

The easiest (and often the cheapest) way to book tickets with Cyprus Turkish Airlines is through your local travel agent. Seats can be booked directly through the CTA website or over the phone, but often you won’t get the best deals. Flights to Northern Cyprus aren’t cheap compared with other European sunspots, but the relatively low cost of accommodation usually balances the books. If you’re travelling on a tight budget you might find that it makes smarter financial sense to get a charter flight to mainland Turkey and see if you can pick up a last minute flight to Ercan.

European nationals visiting Northern Cyprus don’t need to obtain a visa. However, traditional wisdom has it that anyone planning to visit southern Cyprus or mainland Greece should get their ‘entry stamp’ on a separate piece of paper (rather than in their passport). Currently Greek Cypriot customs officials don’t take too kindly to seeing that you have visited the Turkish North, although this may change with EU accession.

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