Holiday Villas In Cyprus Rentals In Paphos The North

For anyone fed up with the lack of privacy afforded by a resort complex, renting a holiday villa in Cyprus is a great alternative. Cyprus has long been a favourite destination with British holidaymakers, whose love affair with the island stretches back to the 19th century when they first arrived. Despite a serious 'falling out' in the 1950s (which led to independence the following decade) the Cypriots have been happy to welcome the British back and today they constitute 80% of all visitors to the island.

The package holiday boom that has transformed the South shows little sign of abating whilst the Turkish North continues to be one of the most talked about destinations in Europe. Both regions have plenty of holiday villas to choose from and it's really just a matter of shopping around until you find something that's tailored to your tastes and budget. To get an idea of what's available (and what it will cost you) it's difficult to beat the Internet. The island supports a healthy rental market and there are plenty of Cypriot estate agents and local brokers who will be happy to help organise accommodation. A growing number of high street travel agents have access to rental databases and specialise in offering packages with flights and car hire included.

If you hope to visit during the peak summer months it's important to book early as the best villas go quickly. Prices vary according to the time of year and can work out quite reasonable if you share with a few people and split the cost. In the South the region around Paphos Cyprus provides arguably the most fertile hunting ground for villas with the resorts of Limassol Cyprus and Ayia Napa Cyprus catering more for hotel dwellers. In the North the mountain villages behind Kyrenia Northern Cyprus such as Bellapais and Lapta Northern Cyprus remain perennial favourites and offer great views with access to the coast.

Renting a villa is a relatively straightforward process; however, there are a number of potential pitfalls. Follow our ‘rental pointers’ for a stress free break:

  • From the word go it's important to remember that villa is the Greek Cypriot word for the male organ, so in order to avoid red faces all round don't use it on the island
  • Find out as much as you can about the prospective property: Try and locate it on a map and get in touch with the local tourist board. You don't want to end up next to a building site or above the local disco.
  • Read the small print: Deposit/damages/cleaning costs/arrival and departure times are all clauses that need due attention. Some unscrupulous landlords view your deposit as their monthly bonus.
  • Note any damaged or non functioning appliances as soon as you arrive and report them to the homeowner. Similarly it's worth checking that everything on the inventory is actually in the house.
  • State your villa requirements clearly: Once you've made your wishes explicit you'll then have some grounds for recourse if the reality doesn't match up to the dream.
  • Inquire about local services: At the very least you're going to need a well stocked shop nearby (and probably a bar or two).
  • Splash out on a pool: Cyprus gets seriously hot during the summer months and life without air conditioning and a pool can be miserable.
  • Think about renting a car: An estimated 80% of holidaymakers to Cyprus hire a vehicle to explore the rugged interior and gain access to the island's more isolated beaches.
  • Enjoy yourself: You're on holiday after all!