Why holiday in Northern Cyprus?

Regular visitors to Northern Cyprus are keen to see it retain its antique charm and have reason to be glad that this relatively undeveloped corner of the Mediterranean has managed to maintain its low profile. The focal point of the North's tourist industry is the charming harbour at Kyrenia Northern Cyprus, which serves as a leitmotif for the laid back appeal of the area.

The villages of Bellapais and Lapta Northern Cyprus half hidden in the green hills behind remain popular rural retreats whilst culture vultures should be happy poking through the ancient entrails of Salamis and Famagusta. The coastline offers stunning beaches, bath temperature water and clear turquoise seas whilst inland the landscape of citrus groves and farmers' fields remains much as it has for centuries.

Holiday in Northern Cyprus


Preparing for a holiday in Northern Cyprus

Packing for holidays in Northern Cyprus is pretty easy as year round warm temperatures and constant sunshine mean your swimsuit and sunscreen are the main essentials. Travel insurance is still a good idea even though the North is now part of the EU and also remember your driving license if you're hoping to hire a car. Arriving at Ercan airport is pretty hassle free but if you want to visit Southern Cyprus or Greece at any stage in the future get Turkish Cypriot customs to stamp a separate sheet of paper to your passport so there's no record of you visiting. Changing money is simple with the Turkish lira the currency of choice; the trick here is to spend it all before you leave as it's pretty worthless and you might want to keep some pounds or dollars handy.

Independent travellers should bear in mind that accommodation books up in summer months and it's worth sorting something out in advance as a couple of nights in a Nicosia doss house might prove to give you a little more local flavour than you'd like. Similarly avoid resort casinos unless you want to blow all your cash, otherwise the main danger is being mown down by some Levantine Michael Schumacher so take care on the roads. Try and avoid arriving on the island during Ramadan as you might find many of the bars and cafes closed for much of the day and the general air of listlessness a bit trying. Aside from this and the call to prayer you could be forgiven for not realising that Northern Cyprus was a Moslem country.