Hotels in Northern Cyprus Kyrenia, Lapta Bellapais Accommodation

The range of hotels in Northern Cyprus is more limited than in the south and visitors would be well advised to book as far ahead as possible. Most of the tourist trade (and consequently the greatest concentration of hotels) is based around the historic port of Kyrenia Northern Cyprus, Bellapais, Famagusta and Lapta Northern Cyprus . However, hotels stretch all along the coast and dot the rugged interior.

Buyak Han in Nicosia now a tourist attraction. Means "Great Inn". This would have been your equivalent for Cyprus hotels hundreds of years ago!

Anyone looking for somewhere to stay in the North of Cyprus has a number of options open to them. Firstly they can choose from a growing number of resort complexes (typically on the coast, although there are some in the mountains) which tend to cater for the top end of the market. Spa resorts are a relatively new phenomenon, but have proved an instant 'hit' with holidaymakers who want a week or two of pampering. Otherwise there are a number of chain and independent hotels as well as some great Pansyions (the Turkish take on the traditional British BB). Still 'package holidays' seem to offer some of the best deals across the board but is worth hunting around.

The cost of accommodation in Northern Cyprus varies depending on the time of year with rates increasing during the holidays of Easter and Christmas and then again from June through to September.

Hotels in Northern Cyprus: quality can vary!

Hotels in northern Cyprus are graded with a star rating, although this should only be used as a rough indicator of what to expect. Standards of accommodation vary wildly (as does pricing) so it's best to rely on word of mouth, or make your booking through a trusted operator. Prices fall by up to 30% during the quiet winter months, but you'll find that many hotels also close. Don't be afraid to haggle over the price of a room and remember that the Turks have been at it for millennia. As a final note it's a good idea to have a look at your room before signing anything (or handing over any money).

It's also worth remembering that The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is a Moslem country and that you'll be woken at the crack of dawn by the muezzin if your hotel is near the local mosque. Similarly visitors during the holy month of Ramadan might find things a little 'slow' as bars and restaurants adopt peculiar opening hours.

A final note of warning should be sounded about hotels with casinos attached. Many are heavily populated enterprising Eastern European natasha's (working girls) which can lend the establishments an unsavoury atmosphere.