Larnaca Car Hire

Most visitors to Cyprus arrive at Larnaca airport then fan out to the numerous resorts strung along the coast. Larnaca is often seen as a transportation hub, rather than a resort in its own right, which is a shame as the city has more than enough to keep holidaymakers busy.

Almost three quarters of the holidaymakers hire a vehicle at some point during their stay and Larnaca’s car hire companies do a roaring trade in the summer months. The airport remains the focal point for hire companies, but rental vehicles can also be picked up in the town centre.

By booking in advance over the Internet customers stand to make savings of up to 60% and can sidestep the usual frustrations associated with trying to get a cheap deal (along with swarms of other holidaymakers) on arrival. Some visitors even prefer to jump in a taxi and pick up their rental car in Larnaca city centre later. Once you’ve got your car, the world (or at least Southern Cyprus) is your oyster and in many ways the island is ideal car hire territory.

Why hire a car in Larnaca?

Despite the temptation to remain horizontal on a sun lounger; it’s worth rousing yourself as there’s plenty to see within driving distance of Larnaca. Then there’s the white knuckle thrill of driving in a country that has yet to become acquainted with the wisdom of The Highway Code. British drivers should have few difficulties getting used to Cypriot roads as traffic moves on the left, signs are in English and the tarmac is in fairly good order as long as you don’t stray too far a field.

Remember to bring your driving license (or an equivalent International Permit) otherwise you’ll be travelling by bus. Once you’ve been given the keys to your vehicle make a careful note of any damage, no matter how minor, to the bodywork. Most car hire companies will only loan cars to persons over the age of 21 and require a minimum three day rental period. Prices fluctuate according to seasonal demand and what type of vehicle you need, although it’s always worth asking for a complimentary upgrade.