Paphos Car Hire cheap rentals from the airport or city

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Anyone hoping to get off the ‘beaten path’ in a hire car won’t have any trouble finding a vehicle in Paphos. Car hire companies are plentiful and it’s simply a case of shopping around until you find the deal that best suits your needs. A hire car offers you the freedom to explore Cyprus independently and the chance to see a different side of the island; which explains why three quarters of holidaymakers choose to hire a vehicle at some point.

Cyprus might be a small country, but it’s a big island and using Paphos as a jumping off point will allow you to see a great deal in a short period of time. The good news for British visitors is that traffic also moves on the left of the road, although it might take slightly longer to get used the local’s rather hazy interpretation of The Highway Code.

Paphos Cyprus has a wide choice of car hire companies, including most of the ‘international players’ and a number of cheaper local operators. Vehicle rental companies operate out of Paphos Airport and the city centre; hence anyone booking in advance must be explicit about where they want to pick up their car. Customers using the web can expect savings in excess of 40%, plus substantially less hassle (and haggling) on arrival. Remember to bring your license (or International Driving Permit) or you won’t be going anywhere. Most car hire companies in Paphos require drivers to be at least 21 years old.

Have a good look over your rental vehicle for damage before driving off as there is no reason why you should have to pay for someone else’s careless driving. Cypriot road conditions are testing at the best of times and many people decide to opt for high powered vehicles (such as a 4x4) rather than a compact car. Prices fluctuate according to seasonal demand and are normally charged on a strict 24 hour basis with a minimum three day rental period.