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The sun drenched island of Cyprus has long been associated with Cupid's charms and if music is the food of love; then this is the right place to start the banquet! Ever since Aphrodite stumbled out of the sea near Paphos Cyprus (to become the definitive classical pin up girl) the island has been drawing romantics to its shores. Hardly surprising then that so many people are choosing to have their weddings in Cyprus.

Convenient marriage laws and a spectacular natural backdrop are two of the major selling points, but the 'biggie' has to be the Weather Climate for Cyprus; with year round sunshine more or less guaranteeing that the big day won't be a wash out.

Arranging the actual wedding couldn't be easier. Both bride and groom must be in Cyprus for at least five working days before the wedding can take place. Hence, most couples schedule the ceremony for the second week of their holiday and use the first few days to organise everything. The wedding ceremony and all the accompanying paperwork will be conducted in English.

The first step is for the couple to visit the registry office to declare their intention to marry. The next stop is the local law court to legalise the Declaration of Oath, before returning to the registry office to reconfirm the time and date of the wedding before a witness. After that it's a simple case of turning up on the wedding day itself.

The wedding service may be performed in a variety of venues, ranging from local churches to pledging your troth on the beach (you can even nip over to Egypt if you fancy something more exotic for your honeymoon). Both civil and church weddings can be arranged and you'll find that a number of the larger hotel complexes have dedicated private chapels to accompany their wedding reception facilities.

Fortunately the days when travelling to what was once described as 'love's holy land' was itself a major commitment are long gone, and now you can fly to Cyprus in under five hours. There are also a growing number of companies specialising in organising weddings in Cyprus, who'll be happy to take the strain and make sure that everything goes without a hitch.