EuroDisney Hints and Tips

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Eurodisney is a magical world unto itself and it can be days before first time visitors discover all the parks 'hidden secrets'. To help you get the most out of Eurodisney we asked our 'man on the inside' to come up with a list of essential hints and tips:

When to Go : The great Spring Summer Autumn Winter debate continues to rage, but what's best for you is really a matter of personal preference. Eurodisney is at its most photogenic during the spring months when Mother Nature puts on a fresh set of clothes. From a meteorological angle it's difficult to beat the summer months, but the prospect of long hot days (and extended opening hours) means that the park can get busy. If you decide to visit in the summer; check when the French schools are on holiday and try to book your stay accordingly. In winter you'll find that your Euros go much further (travel, accommodation and ticket costs fall) queues shorten and you're likely to get wet.

Opening Times
The park is open every single day of the year. Aproximate times are between 10.00 to 19.00 or 22.00 with Saturdays Sundays sometimes staying open until later. Walt Disney studios is normally open between 10.00 18.00 or 20.00. On new years day the park stays open until 1.00 the following day. For the exact time see:

Taking Snaps : Eurodisney's colourful collection of characters and stunning backdrops means that camera film doesn't last for long. Luckily there are plenty of places to restock and Kodak will develop your pictures within two hours. Keep an eye out for the ' Photo Points' dotted across the park, where you're guaranteed to get a great shot. If you prefer your memories to be animated you can hire video cameras from Town Square Photography on Main Street

Help : If you need any assistance look for an employee wearing the letter 'I' (don't let the costume put you off!). They'll be happy to help out and are bound to speak some English.

Euros Disney : Because the Bureaux de Change inside Eurodisney levy a fixed charge for exchanging currency, it's makes financial sense to avoid changing small sums. If you find that you are running low on Euros your hotel reception will be happy to oblige, but it will work out much cheaper to hunt down an ATM and use your credit card.

Beating the Queues : The best way to avoid spending your holiday standing in a queue is to arrive as soon as the park opens. Eurodisney normally opens its gates at 9.00am, although it's an hour later on weekdays in the low season. Things also quieten down at lunchtime and during the late evening. On the other hand you'll find that the shops selling Disney merchandise are at their busiest just before the park closes (so get in there early).