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There are only so many chocolates on the pillow that some people can take before they want to break free: if you are one of these people, you should know that Dubai's accommodation isn't just about the legions of luxury hotels dotted around the place. There are also apartments, youth hostels and more exotic places to lay your head.

One thing you'll want to remember is that air conditioning or a good fan are essential in this incessantly searing climate desert hot yet disconcertingly humid all at the same time. If you want to experience Dubai accommodation Bedouin style without having, like the real Bedouins, to adapt to these inhospitable conditions, there are places such as the Al Maha Desert Resort. It's a hotel really, but it does have tents (each with their own pool again, not something you probably see in your average Bedouin camp but a welcome addition). You have to off road to get there. For a slightly less cushioned desert experience, there's always wadi bashing. This consists of careering around sand dunes all day in a Landrover before having dinner Bedouin style and camping out in the quiet of the (still pretty warm and humid) night. If you're considering the youth hostel option, bear in mind that you may need to buy a year's membership before you can use your chosen hostel, and that they are mainly aimed at men. Clean but spartan government rest houses are also an option. For more ideas on finding accommodation in Dubai, try's travel centre, or one of the many guide books available on the area.

A combination of factors make Dubai singular among Arab states. The most obvious are its demographics (less than twenty per cent of the population is Emirati, while the rest are expats); its relaxed drinking laws (alcohol is even available during the Muslim month of fasting, Ramadan); and its material wealth. One of the goals of Dubai's leadership is for the state to claim centre stage as the Middle East's financial and commercial capital. Its shopping areas and general facilities make the place attractive for skilled expats as well as tourists. If you're planning to visit the place often, or want to invest, there are plenty of holiday apartments on offer Dubai is a sea of property development at the moment. That, of course, raises the consideration that it might also be worth waiting until the novelty wears off and property and rent prices come down. Knowing when to buy and when not to is the investor's skill/gamble. Accommodation on the Palm, Dubai's new island extension, was all bought before most of it was even built, but there's another Palm in the pipeline, plus numerous other developments.