Al Maha, Desert Resort Al Maha

Al Maha UAE Desert Resort

Nestled snugly within the blazing dunes of Arabia just 30 miles south east of Dubai lies the jewel they call Al Maha. Named after the endangered Arabian onyx which wonders the sands of the reserve, Al Maha is the only ecotourism resort in the UAE. The policy at Al Maha is to ensure that everyone who leaves the resort does so refreshed, with their senses having been rejuvenated by the natural splendor of the Arabian Desert.

Upon arrival at Al Maha each person is welcomed by their own personal guest relations officer and field guide. Members of staff are on hand 24 hours a day to ensure that guests get what they want for absolutely nothing. Daily activities are planned according to the needs and preferences of each guest and include things like 4x4 desert safaris, dune picnics, falconry, scenic walks, dune driving and horse riding. Camel rides are available for those wishing to travel through the desert in traditional style, but be warned you will probably become acquainted with muscles you never knew you had in the days following the experience!

In the evenings guests can kick back and take in the spectacular desert scenery from the plunge pools or patios of their lavish Bedouin suites. The 30 standard and 3 luxury suites in the resort are all tastefully decorated with Bedouin and European antique furniture and each room is equipped with little extras like binoculars and writing pads so as to make guests feel even more at home. Mouthwatering meals and fine wines are served on a veranda overlooking the resort's private waterhole, after which guests can enjoy a traditional Shisha whilst soaking up the fragrance of the desert night.

Al Maha's distinctiveness lies not only in the unique manner in which guests are treated during their stay at the resort, but also in the underlying principles which govern activities at the resort. The first of its kind in the UAE, Al Maha was founded on a principle known as Eco tourism which was introduced into the UAE from South Africa approximately 6 years ago. The founders of the reserve have done the seemingly impossible and successfully brought together the lucrative tourism industry and the essential world of conservation.

In line with the conservationist approach of the resort, all guests that pass through Al Maha are educated as to the importance of preserving the area's unique fauna and flora. In addition, the entire resort makes use of solar energy and recycled paper. The magic of Al Maha therefore lies in the fact that guests are able to experience the magnificence of the Arabian Desert whilst simultaneously contributing to its protection and preservation. The legend of Al Maha speaks of a wondrous and beautiful place within the depths of the shifting dunes. Thanks to the contribution of the resort, it seems that that wondrous place has left the realm of legends and finally once again become a reality.

Bedouin suites at the resort typically go for around 680 pounds ($1300) and prices are inclusive of all meals and two activities. For more information, or to book your stay at Al Maha visit or call the resort directly on 303 4224.