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Burj al Arab Hotel Dubai 7 Star Accommodation

Burj al Arab Dubai

As hotels go, the Burj al Arab is pretty special. It is probably one of the most famous hotels in the world, and definitely the world's tallest, at 321 metres. It stands south of Dubai city, built on an artificial island near the coast and supported by columns which sink into the depths of the seabed.

The famous exterior (on the cover of at least one guide book) gives a very good idea of the kind of hotel it is. The design is intended to make the Burj al Arab look like a billowing sail, but less kind and more imaginative onlookers may liken it to a giant woodlouse, rearing up in scaly majesty. But, however you choose to think of it, it is truly a spectacular sight, particularly when lit up at night.

You may think that no interior could possibly live up to the showpiece exterior, but you would be wrong. Many adjectives have been thrown at the interior design of the Burj al Arab, but words like "opulent", "luxurious" and even "ostentatious" come closest to the mark. The abundance of gold leaf makes it clear that this is not the place for travellers on the average budget.


Which brings us to the cost. This is not simply a place to stay; this is one of the most luxurious hotels in the UAE, and the prices reflect that. Don't expect to have any change from £600 (or US $1000) after a one night stay in a standard room.

However, if you can afford it, staying here is quite an experience. One of the several restaurants has an underwater theme and is reached by a virtual submarine trip, although it is not actually underwater, contrary to rumour. Another is 200 metres above sea level. And the health club on the 18th floor is everything you would expect from a luxury spa, from the sauna and Jacuzzi to La Prairie facials and hot stone treatments. Guests also have the services of a team of butlers who work round the clock attending to your every whim.

Wheelchair access is excellent too. The entrance to the hotel is completely flat, and there is an alternative to the revolving door. Once inside the hotel, lifts big enough to accommodate a wheelchair can take you to every floor, including the 18th floor with its health club.

If curiosity gets the better of you, it is possible for visitors to have a look around, but the privacy of guests is jealously guarded. There is also a charge for looking round roughly what you'd pay for a meal for two and a couple of beers in a restaurant at home, but you can redeem the cost against food and drink inside the hotel.

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