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Cheap Flight to Dubai

Finding a cheap flight to Dubai is not easy. Before you even start looking, you should know that you will almost certainly not find any really bargain basement prices. The £20 a flight offers you sometimes get with budget airlines tend not to apply to flights to Dubai. For a start, budget flights from the UK tend to go to destinations within Europe, and Dubai is a much greater distance away.

Secondly, Dubai is not a destination aimed at backpackers or budget travellers. While it is possible to enjoy yourself there without spending too much cash (see our page on cheap holidays to Dubai), the low cost options tend to be hidden away, while the focus is on the glitzy and expensive.

However, it is possible to organise a comparatively cheap flight to Dubai. The trick, as almost always when looking for bargains, is to think about it in advance, be flexible and do as much comparison as possible. You do have a range of airlines to choose from, although this can make decision making even harder.

Being prepared to make a decision well in advance and stick to it can knock money off the price of your flight. KLM have a cheap class of flight, called Base, which costs less money at the expense of not being able to change your schedule at all. But other airlines reward early booking too.

Of course, travelling off peak may reduce the cost of your flight, but in the case of trips to Dubai, probably not as much as you might think. Most tourists avoid Dubai in the sweltering summer months, so July and August are good times to look for a bargain. (The same applies for booking hotels.) And definitely don't set your heart on a direct flight there, as this will ratchet up the cost.

But remember that getting a really cheap flight to Dubai is an impossible task, if by "cheap" you mean the price of a train ticket to Manchester. Even if you book well in advance and take an indirect flight at an off peak time, you will still end up spending around £300. The only good news is that some of these airlines have a strange idea of what "economy" means. Economy class travellers on Emirates flights enjoy good food and a TV screen each, while on Qatar Airways you will be able to watch television in a choice of three different languages as well as choosing between four different cuisines. After all, if you can't get the price down any further, you might as well just sit back and enjoy the ride.