Cheap Holidays to Dubai, Budget Vacation Dubai

Finding a Cheap Holiday to Dubai

Cheap holidays to Dubai? Isn't that like saying "Warm winter journeys to the Arctic "? Sometimes Dubai seems to have been designed specifically to suck money from the pockets of the rich, the very rich and the stinking rich. But, although prices can be high in this city, there are ways to have fun here without completely breaking the bank. (Money saving tips on this page don't relate to accommodation or flights, so click on the links for information on finding a cheap hotel in Dubai and finding a cheap flight to Dubai.)

First of all, although a lot of Dubai's coastline is owned by the swankier hotels, there are a few public beaches which allow you to catch some rays without paying anything. The stretch of public beach roughly opposite the Jumeira mosque (next to the Dubai Marine Beach Resort Spa) is known as " Moscow Beach " or " Russian Beach " because of the large numbers of Russian visitors. Advantages of this beach are that it is fairly central, and handy for cafes and shops. There are showers and toilets.

There is also the Umm Suqeim public beach north of the Jumeira Beach Hotel, although this is becoming more and more developed with some of Dubai's many building projects.

Al Mamzar Beach Park charges a nominal fee and has tennis courts, children's play areas and a swimming pool.

Another thing to remember is that, although tourists tend to either use taxis or rent cars, there is a bus network in Dubai, and it represents a very low cost option. Using the service can be confusing, as neither routes nor times are regular, but it can be an experience in itself as long as you're not in a rush to get anywhere important. Bring plenty of change, as drivers don't like changing big notes. And, yes, the buses are air conditioned.

Another way of keeping costs down if you're buying souvenirs is, of course, to haggle. This is almost standard practice in the souks, but doesn't always come naturally to Western tourists who are used to paying the marked price for everything. Always ask if the seller can give you a better price they would usually rather do that than lose the sale. Taking a few steps back and looking less interested in the item you're after is also a good idea. Bringing cash helps too. The malls are different from the souks, but may still offer a discount for cash buyers. It doesn't hurt to ask politely.

Visitors looking for cheap holidays to Dubai should also bear in mind that you should be able to get good local food for a reasonable price if you look around, so sampling the local cuisine can be a cheap activity too.