Cheap Hotels in Dubai, Budget Accommodation Dubai

Cheap Hotels in Dubai, Budget Traveling

As the state that is home to the world's only seven star hotel, it's no surprise that Dubai is best known for excess. But amongst the gold taps and golf courses, it's not impossible to find a cheap hotel in Dubai. Or at least one with reduced rates: cheap is a matter of opinion, and in Dubai that opinion can be rather high. But it's possible to find deals on hotels for as little as $50 (just over £25) per person per night based on two sharing if you are flexible about timings.

You might have to sacrifice some of the luxury, but you won't have to walk any further there are several centrally located hotels in this price range. And if you can pay a bit more, say $100/£50 per person per night (again based on two sharing), there are often deals on top range hotels. Whichever cheap hotel in Dubai you choose, bear in mind that air conditioning is vital in the country's fierce and humid heat.

There are internet booking engines which can find and reserve you a cheap hotel in Dubai, such as US based This site features suggestions for hotels in various price ranges plus a table comparing costs in dollars, sterling and euros. There's also reliable, which has city breaks, flights and hotel deals to the Emirates and presents its search results as a list or a handy map again, you'll have to be flexible on timing but it could be ideal for a spur of the moment shopping trip.

If your trip is less spontaneous, however, it could be a good idea to consider booking with a travel agent. It can be reassuring to have someone to discuss the booking with face to face if any problems arise or you want to change your dates. Dubai is home to several international hotel chains, which often do special deals on their rooms. It could be worth checking on the websites of hotels such as the Crowne Plaza, the Hilton and the Novotel for reduced rates, and keeping an eye on the advertisements in the travel section of national newspapers. Unexpectedly cheap breaks often pop up in these, particularly in places which are on a drive to promote their attractions, which Dubai definitely is at the moment. Another good source of information on all aspects of a stay in Dubai is the Ministry of Information and Culture's website, There's also the possibility, if you are on a really strict budget, of a youth hostel but you may need to buy a year's membership before you can use them and they are aimed at men.