Flights to Dubai from United Kingdom (UK) and London

Flights to Dubai from UK and London

Flights to Dubai from the UK tend not to be cheap, which is no surprise when you consider how far away it is, and the fact that Dubai isn't exactly a budget destination for travellers. After tax and the mysterious "administrative charges" which tend to appear on the bill just as you're booking, you almost certainly won't have much change from £300, even if you're prepared to take an indirect flight. Journey times vary, but a direct flight with no delays will probably take around seven hours.

One good thing about flying to Dubai is that you get to choose from quite a range of different airlines. Here is a breakdown of the most popular.

Air France Flights from London Heathrow, Aberdeen and Birmingham tend to change at Charles de Gaulle airport, Paris, while flights from Bristol and Cardiff tend to change at Amsterdam. There is no first class service on flights to Dubai at the moment, but you can fly business class. Economy fares to Dubai are very reasonable in comparison to those of the other airlines.

British Airways Direct flights to Dubai go from London Heathrow and Manchester. Flights from Birmingham tend to go via first a Scottish airport and then from London Heathrow. First class travellers going from Heathrow can enjoy a pre flight visit to the Molton Brown Travel Spa (Terminal 4) and have complimentary treatments and massages.

Emirates Direct economy flights from London Heathrow, London Gatwick, Birmingham and Manchester. Emirates have won plenty of awards, but seem keen not to rest on their laurels, so even economy class travellers can expect good food and a TV screen on every seat. Prices vary and they aren't rock bottom, but are good value when you consider the quality of the service.

KLM Flights from Aberdeen to Dubai tend to go via Amsterdam. Flights from Heathrow tend to go via Charles de Gaulle airport, Paris. There are three classes of flight. The unappealing named Base class requires that you book at least three days in advance, and you can't make cancellations or changes. You get a sandwich and a soft drink on board. Economy offers the same in flight service as Base, but with more flexibility to change your travel plans. Select gives you in flight alcoholic drinks, priority boarding, extra legroom and freedom to change your plans with no charge.

Whichever of the three classes you use, the further in advance you book, the lower the price, but the cost of a return Base flight rarely drops much below the £400 mark.

Royal Brunei Airlines Flights to Dubai only go from London Heathrow. Sleeper Business Class passengers can sample the SkyDreamer, a seat which converts into a bed, while Economy Class Comfort passengers have personal TVs. Prices can be very reasonable compared with those of other airlines.

Qatar Airways Flights go from London Gatwick, London Heathrow and Manchester. They tend to go via Doha. Prices are quite reasonable.

Economy travellers get their own TV, and you can watch films in English, Arabic or Hindi. The multicultural flavour continues with the food, which can be Indian, European, Middle Eastern or Far Eastern. Business class travellers get a recliner seat with lumbar support, and have six course meals. First class really is first class; you are driven from the lounge to the aircraft in a Series 7 BMW. Onboard, you get a bed complete with feather duvet, slippers and pyjamas, and you can eat caviar and lobster while sipping fine wine.