Fujairah UAE Fujairah City Guide

The Fujairah Free Zone UAE City Guide


Officially termed The Fujairah Free Zone or Fujairah for short, is the youngest of the United Arab Emirates, and was established and is ruled by His Highness Sheikh Hamad Bin Muhammad Al Sharqi to serve as a base for local industry to tap its plentiful natural resources. It is situated on the east coast serving the Indian Ocean and framed by the Hajar mountain range. Fujairah is the epicentre of all east coast exploration excursions, overlooking the expansive waters of the Gulf of Oman.

The sheer variety and unspoiled beauty of the Fujairah region make it one of the most desirable tourist destinations of the UAE with exquisite unspoiled beaches and a comfortable mix of open land and sea. The expansive beaches connect in some places to roughly hewn mountains that concede to fertile green valleys. The city centre contains expansive date gardens surrounding the noteworthy Fujairah Fort to the north. Along the coastline exist ancient Arabian castles silhouetted by palm trees cascading the ocean.

The climate rarely exceeds 77 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter months with mostly sunny days and rare concentrated cloud cover.

Tourist interest in the Fujairah region has even prompted its supreme ruler to issue a directive establishing the Fujairah Tourism Bureau (www.fujairah tourism.ae)www.fujairah tourism.ae) to aid tourists in exploring its unspoiled splendor. The recently established international airport has connected flights from all over the world.

Individuals attractions include the Ain Al Madhab Gardens fed by natural mineral springs that are used to provided water for two swimming pools.

The Fujairah Museum contains artifacts recovered from local archaeological discoveries and exhibit the traditional way of life of the emirate region dating back to 2500 BC.

Bidiya Mosque is the UAE's oldest site of worship representing what the practitioners of the Islamic faith declared as a humble, unique architectural design with four individual domes supported by a central striated pillar. This can be compared to the modern rendition of Islamic architecture found at Jumeirah Mosque.

Accommodation in Fujairah can be found in one of its many hotels including Fujairah Hilton, The Ritz Plaza Hotel or the Siji Hotel to name a few. The Taj Mahal and Al Meshwar restaurants offer local cuisine over and above the catering of it many hotels.