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Dubai's Hotels Accommodation Overview

Dubai hotels are a big deal, but perhaps that is to be expected from a city which takes both tourists and business travellers very seriously. Some hotels in Dubai are tourist destinations in their own right; the Burj al Arab dominates the skyline and charges curious visitors to look around, while it is hard not to notice the Emirates Towers and the Jumeirah Beach Hotel.

However, if you steer clear of places with world class architecture and gold leaf decoration, there are places to stay which won't break the bank.

Common sense applies: the more impressive the hotel, the more it will cost to stay there. However, if you can afford one of the top range Dubai hotels, you get a lot for your money. As well as the obligatory air conditioning, most of the more expensive places have gyms and swimming pools, and almost all the coastal hotels have their own beaches. These include Le Meridien, the Royal Mirage and the Oasis Beach Hotel. As well as this, some of the bigger landlocked hotels have beach sharing arrangements with their sister hotels. Some of these beaches are open to the fee paying public, so if you're looking for exclusivity when you sunbathe, check before you book.

Jumeirah, the coastal area, is where you're most likely to find a luxury hotel. The further you get from the beaches, the more likely you are to find a cheaper place.

Deira is an area which varies in price and quality of hotels, but the focus tends to be on business travellers rather than tourists, perhaps because the area contains the airport but is some way from the beaches. You will find the cheapest places around the Deira souk, but the area is also home to some plush places for rich business travellers.

Bur Dubai is also a variable area, and you may find good value here.

But, in general, hotels in Dubai are not cheap. One thing to bear in mind about Dubai hotels is that, on top of the price quoted, you will have to pay a ten per cent municipality tax and a ten per cent service charge. It's good to be aware of this from the start, so you don't get any nasty surprises when it comes to paying the bill.

Finally, the most important thing of all is not to compromise your safety when looking for a hotel, especially if you are a lone female traveller. If a place looks dodgy, it probably is, and you should look elsewhere. Taking risks just to save some extra cash is definitely false economy.