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The best way to go about finding jobs in Dubai and the rest of the UAE is undoubtedly through the use of a reputable recruitment agency. Attempting to find employment of your own accord can be time consuming and tedious and more often than not does not yield the desired results, if it yields any at all.

Most recruitment agencies in Dubai will require that you register with them before they will even consider you for available vacancies. Some employment agencies will charge you a small fee to put you onto their books, despite the fact that this is not typically accepted practice within the UAE. Most will also be exceptionally specific in terms of their job listings, so it is advisable to know exactly what it is you are looking for and which positions you are qualified to apply for. Although agency employees will be able to give you some advice in this regard, due to the quantity of applications they receive they are likely to overlook applications that are vague and unprofessional.

As is the case with recruitment agencies all over the world, it is advisable whenever possible to register with the agency in person as opposed to over the internet. Obviously if you are not yet living in the UAE then this will not be possible, but where circumstances allow, it is highly recommended. While online registration may be quick and more convenient, the fact of the matter is that a face is still easier to remember than a typed name. Recruiters are more likely to recommend those people who they have met and corresponded with in person.

In recent years major advances have been made in the UAE in relation to the alleviation of sexism and discrimination within the work environment. Women now make up over 15% of the total labour force in Dubai which in years gone by was practically inconceivable. Positions are no longer reserved for males as was previously the case, and today women occupy prominent positions in fields like business, media, law, medicine, education and civil service. A number of recruitment agencies affiliated to womens' colleges now specialize in assisting and placing female graduates and professionals.

The list of recruitment agencies in Dubai and the surrounding emirates is positively endless. Some of the more renowned agencies include the following:

Kershaw Leonard a large and experienced agency specializing in senior positions and other jobs in the private sector (

BAYT One of the largest online employment agencies in the Middle East. This agency caters predominantly for those with extensive experience, although graduates with a small amount of work experience may also be able to find placement through them. (

BAC Middle East An established agency whose main focus is placing qualified professionals in senior positions.

Other reputable agencies with internet links include:

Clarendon Parker (Middle East)

Nicholson International Middle East

For directory type listing with telephone numbers see the jobs category on the DUBAICITY web sitejobs category on the DUBAICITY web site.

The only time when it may be worthwhile to completely skip going through a recruitment agency is if you are seeking employment on a visiting visa and are only looking to work for a limited period of time. In this case, recruitment agencies will be of little help and you are more likely to find what you are looking for by looking through local newspaper postings and on the internet and approaching employers directly.