Getting Around Dubai Transportation Guides Dubai

The most common method of transport for Dubai Travel is the local taxi services with a variety of carriers for specialized or general travel. The cream coloured Dubai Transport Corporation taxis offer metered taxis with a pickup fee and per kilometer rates. As an alternative, non metered taxis offer a negotiable rate which is usually far more reasonable.

Specific charted airport taxis serve to transport guests from the airport to hotels or the city centre, but most hotels supply transports for their guests as an additional service normally by shuttle.

Within the confines of Dubai operates a fairly reliable bus service and alternate forms of public transport, but outside the confines of the city, methods of transport are very limited and further travel is very difficult without the use of a rental car.

Car hire is not deemed to be particular exorbitant, but road traffic regulation is somewhat different to other places in the world, and this can be quite confusing to foreigners. Dubai seems particularly attached to decorative round abouts that can be somewhat hazardous to travellers. Other than the initial confusion, Dubai has an impressive, well marked network of roads connect is many destinations and first class freeways linking it to the rest of the United Arab Emirates. Roads in the rest of the UAE generally compare to this standard, but some regions may be less accessible unless by plane.

The administration of Dubai is also willing to issue temporary local drivers licenses to the holders of passports from a variety of nations to tourists not in possession of an international drivers license. A list of recognized passports can be attained on demand, and a license can be issued on presentation of a passport, valid local license and two photographs for administration purposes. Bear in mind that all traffic in the UAE is on the right hand side.

The Dubai Creek also features the local Abras or Water taxis that are similar to Venician Gondolas with small motors affixed. Abras have existed in Dubai for centuries, and depictions of them when they were still driven by oars can be seem in many of the heritage sites in and around Dubai. In the modern day, ropes are attached to the rudder from the drivers seat and passengers sit on a small bench attached to the centre of the wooden boat under a large shade canopy. Abra stations exist in a variety of place along the Dubai Creek to transport travelers along it banks.