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Dublin to Liverpool Ferry via Douglas, Mostyn,

If you're planning to drive to Ireland and live in northern England, the Dublin to Liverpool ferry is the most convenient route to take. Its also a good bet for anyone living near the ferry terminal as there are good deals for foot passengers.

PO runs car ferries from Liverpool or Mostyn to Dublin twice daily throughout the year but foot passengers are not taken on this route. The ferry takes seven hours from Mostyn or eight and a half hours from Liverpool. A typical return fare for a car with up to four passengers on the Dublin to Liverpool ferry is in the region of £170. Cabins are available at an additional cost.

Another option is to take a ferry or fast boat with the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company from Liverpool to Dublin via Douglas on the Isle of Man. The ferry journey takes 10 hours in total; the fast boat takes five hours. Fares on the ferry are comparable to those with PO, the fast boat costs slightly more, about £50 return for a foot passenger and about £250 return for a car.

Fares vary considerably depending on the season, day, time of service and length of stay so it's worth booking in advance to try and net the best deals. Keep your eye out for special offers and remember that holders of International Student Cards or Hostelling International cards get a discount on fares.

It's possible to combine bus and ferry or bus and train tickets to and from all major towns in the UK and Ireland, but with the availability of cheap flights to Dublin it hardly seems worth the hassle.