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Edinburgh Weekend City Breaks, Scotland


Edinburgh is a conundrum. A city full of jumbled Georgian houses jammed between ancient wynds and closes, Edinburgh not only drips with history but harbours an explosive modern day personality. Mixing kilts and haggis with fine theatre, indie rock groups and premiere French cuisine, Edinburgh offers its best side to visitors time and again. Read on for all the information you need on weekend city breaks in Edinburgh.

Map of Edinburgh https://www.google.co.za/maps/place/Edinburgh

Discovering Scotland's Festival City

http://www.edinburgh.org/http://www.edinburgh.org/ Official tourist site for Edinburgh.

Home to over 450,000 people, Edinburgh is a city with enough history to suit any scholar, enough culture to host the largest music festival in Britain and a variety of hotels, restaurants and pubs to please every budget and taste. The city easily blends chic business suits with dreadlocked vegans for a mini metropolis that is old, new, adventurous and staid, a mix that guarantees all weekend breaks to Edinburgh will leave visitors begging for more.

Every August Edinburgh commands the attention of approximately 1 million people who arrive for the city's multitude of festivals. The Edinburgh International Festival, the largest music and dance event in Britain, draws approximately 400,000 people every year. The Edinburgh Fringe Festival, dedicated to bringing forth the uncensored work of artists, pulls in about 300,000.

The Edinburgh Tattoo, which runs for two weeks during festival time, is a sight to behold as Scotland's military drills, re enacts battle scenes and sparks Scottish sentiment during their famous performance on the Esplanade of Edinburgh Castle. No weekend break to Edinburgh in August is complete without hearing the lingering notes of he Lone Piper's solo at nightfall.

The city stands out geographically; the bay known as the Firth of Forth swoops to the north, the wilderness of Holyrood Park with its remains of archaic volcanoes lies to the east as the rest of Scotland with its stone ruins spreads southward before curving around west and north. The green hills of Scotland are known for their golf and their whisky making capabilities; two attractions that lure plenty of visitors for a round and a dram every year.

Edinburgh is also proud to host a thriving student scene at the University of Edinburgh, founded in 1583. Today the University educates over 22,000 students from all over the world, their multinational cultures lending a lively air to the ancient city. This youthful atmosphere nourishes the busy bar and music scene, which has released bands such as Franz Ferdinand and Belle Sebastian upon the world, not to mention the 1980s band The Proclaimers and the early 70s group Bay City Rollers.

No matter if you prefer traditional neeps and tatties to duck a l'orange or designer clothing to tartan wool, Edinburgh has everything you could ever want, and more. Get started on planning those weekend breaks to Edinburgh today.