Eurostar Short Breaks

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It’s difficult to think of a quicker, cheaper or easier way of ‘getting away from it all’ than by booking a Eurostar short break. It may have taken Eurostar a couple of centuries to get the plans off the drawing board (Napoleon first came up with the idea of building a subterranean tunnel between England and France), but it’s been well worth the wait.

Eurostar has revolutionised the way we look at European travel and despite growing competition from low cost airlines, Eurostar continues to increase its proportion of the market share. In fact, since launching their first train in 1994 Eurostar has doubled the amount of passengers travelling to Paris and Brussels and today they transport more visitors than all the airlines put together.

The secret of Eurostar’s success has been to give the customer exactly what they want. Anyone booking a Eurostar short break can expect a slick, well polished service that’s competitively priced and couldn’t be easier to organise. Hop on the train in London or Ashford (Kent) and in less than three hours you could be in Paris, Lille, Brussels or Bruges. The maximum check in time is thirty minutes and Frequent Travellers, First and Business Class ticket holders need only arrive ten minutes before departure.

Tickets can be bought at any of the Eurostar terminals, although for the cheapest seats you’ll need to book at least three month’s in advance. If you add up all the time and hassle involved in taking a comparable flight, checking in, waiting for an eternity at the baggage carousel and then having to get in a cab for the last leg of the journey into the city centre; then Eurostar wins hands down every time.

Eurostar also has an excellent reputation for customer service. If a train is delayed, they will keep you well informed, and if the delay is serious they will refund your ticket and pay for a taxi to your final destination. Eurostar connects the capital cities of France, England and Belgium and as such has set the standard for international rail travel.