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Belfast Ferry Routes Crossings from Liverpool Glasgow

The Port of Belfast is the busiest port in the North of Ireland. They handle around two thirds of the ferry passengers coming in to the country and nearly two million passengers and up to 400,000 vehicles pass through the port each year. Belfast has become the centre of trade and logistics in Northern Ireland and now handles almost two thirds of sea borne freight.


Ferries to Belfast come courtesy of Stena Line, The Isle of Man Steam Packet Company and Seacat. All three of these carriers pride themselves and their reputations on quality service and fast travel times offering a choice of conventional car and passenger ferries or the speedier fastcat version which can drastically reduce journey times. Although journeys are relatively quick there are facilities on board such as bars, cafes and shops to keep you entertained.

Sailing routes

The Port of Stranraer, found just across the English border in close proximity to Glasgow, is Scotland's quickest route to Ireland and the perfect gateway in to the country.

Ferries to Belfast with Stena Line sail up to eight times a day. There are two kinds of ferry available for the crossing. The high speed option is the Stena Line HSS Voyager, a catamaran that takes around one hour 45 minutes to make the crossing. The more traditional option is traveling on The Caledonia or The Galloway which are both standard type passenger ferries with crossing times of around three hours. The check in time on the route from Stranraer to Belfast is 30 minutes.

Seacat offer a service from Troon in western Scotland to Belfast offering three daily sailings with a crossing time of 2hours 30 minutes.

The Isle of Man Steam Packet Company, provide a service from Douglas on The Isle of Man with three sailings per week and crossing times of 2hours 45 minutes.

There is also a service from Liverpool to Belfast provided by Norse Merchant Ferries who offer two sailings per day with a crossing time of 10 hours.

Belfast Ferry Port

Driving directions

To Stranraer: If you're coming from the south follow the M6/A74 towards Gretna, then take the A75 going towards the west leading directly to Stranraer, when you arrive follow signs to the ferry port which is close to the town centre. If you're coming from the North, get to Stranraer on the A77 coast road coming from Ayr.

To Belfast: Get to Belfast on the M3, then follow the signs to the docks, then signs to the Port of Belfast. If you're coming in on the M2 follow signs to the docks go around Broadway Roundabout and on to the Westlink. Follow signs saying M2 docks until you see a sign to the Port of Belfast.

Why Belfast?

Belfast offers a rich cultural heritage and has something to offer everyone. For those interested in history and architecture there's St. Anne's cathedral and The City Hall and for culture vultures there's the Lyric Theatre and The Grand Opera house. There's plenty of good shopping too and to keep the kids entertained there's Belfast Zoo, the Imax cinema and a Hard Rock Café.

For the port click here : http://www.belfast us.htmhttp://www.belfast us.htm