Ferries to Holland UK to Netherlands (Rotterdam, Ijmviden)

Ferries to Holland UK Ferry Routes to the Netherlands

There is a more limited choice of ferries to Holland than to some of the U.K's other neighbours, simply because the volume of holiday traffic is so much less. The existing services are efficient and reliable and with the introduction of fast catamaran services day trips to Holland are now feasible. However don't expect to visit either of Holland's larger cities in a day the fast service is more suitable for stocking up on booze and food at continental prices and taking in the pleasures of a sea cruise.


Unless you have a particular aversion to travelling by sea, in which case it is possible to use the Dover to Calais crossing and drive up to the Netherlands, the most direct route by car to Holland and other northern European countries is by ferry. Here are the routes of ferries to Holland:

Harwich to Hook of Holland Stena Line operates a conventional ferry crossing taking just over six hours daily on this route. They also offer an overnight crossing for those needing a sleep before continuing their journey. Stena's high speed HSS catamaran also makes the journey twice a day in three hours 40 minutes this is the service to use for a day trip to Holland.

Hull to Rotterdam PO Ferries runs a daily overnight service from the Lincolnshire port to Rotterdam. The journey takes around ten hours. This route may be more suitable for travellers from the midlands and north of the U.K.

Newcastle to Ijmviden DFDS Seaways operates an overnight ferry to Amsterdam's nearest port every day. They offer a traditional maritime experience onboard and a great service for foot passengers wishing to visit Amsterdam as well as those on a mini cruise.

Any of the above routes is suitable for car travel to all parts of the Netherlands, but for ease of access to driving routes into Germany and beyond the services to Hook of Holland and Rotterdam are the best choices. Passports will be required on all journeys and with a little prior planning your pet can travel with you on your holiday. Visit http://www.defra.gov.uk/animalh/quarantine/index.htmhttp://www.defra.gov.uk/animalh/quarantine/index.htm for more details. Whenever you drive in Europe, check local regulations and speed limits before you go, and always carry the relevant vehicle documents with you.

The companies and ports mentioned above welcome disabled travelers but for special assistance at terminals or onboard you should make contact by phone before arrival at your port of departure.