Red Funnel Ferry Company Ferries Crossings to Europe

Red Funnel Ferry Company Ferries Crossings to Europe

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Red Funnel ferries and Wightlink Isle of Wight Ferries are the two major established carriers taking passengers from the mainland to The Isle of Wight, and for around 140 years Red Funnel have been carrying passengers from Southampton to Cowes, home of the world famous annual Yacht race.

The great advantage of taking the ferry on holiday, especially for families, is that you can cut costs dramatically and you can go where you want when you want without being interrupted by a fixed itinerary.

The journey from Southampton to Cowes takes around 55 minutes, exactly the right amount of time to relax and enjoy a draught of fresh sea air out on deck before arriving at East Cowes.

Red Funnel offer two types of service, a passenger and vehicle service and a high speed service taking passengers only. The passenger and vehicle service goes on a car ferry from Southampton to East Cowes. Crossing time is around 55 minutes traveling at a speed of 13 knots. This ferry features a café serving hot and cold food, a bar, a range of shops and has a games area to keep the kids amused. The ship is also kitted out with disability friendly facilities. A day return with a vehicle and four people will cost you around £30.00. It's worth remembering too that if you book online you could make some valuable savings.

The high speed passenger only service sails between Southampton and West Cowes on one of their Red Jet high speed vessels and takes about 22 minutes to make the crossing. This service is for foot passengers only and is non bookable, you just arrive and buy tickets before boarding. Because the journey is so short the facilities are pretty basic. There is an onboard service that sells cold drinks and this vessel is also disabled friendly, but be warned, there is no toilet onboard. Ticket prices for adults cost around £12.00 for a day return while children go for £6.00, and oddly, you will be charged £4.00 for the pleasure of taking your dog with you.

The passenger vehicle ferry departs on roughly an hourly basis while the Red Jet high speed goes on a roughly half hour basis.

If you're in the city centre of Southampton and are traveling by foot it's only a fifteen minute walk to both of the Red Funnel terminals. There is a free CityLink bus service which runs every ten minutes between the railway station and the two ferry terminals. If you're traveling by car the docks are well signposted, just follow the signs marked dock gates 4 10 and English tourist board signs marked West Quay and Waterfront.