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France offers its visitors a varied choice of types and costs of holiday accommodation, with something to suit every taste and budget. You could stay with twelve friends in a grand manor house in the Loire, take your family to a chalet in the Alps, or whisk your loved one off to a swanky hotel in Paris, or a tiny windswept cottage in Brittany. The choice is phenomenal, and the choice is yours.

So, do your research carefully and think about what kind of climate you want for your holiday. Are you looking for holiday accommodation near a beach, or in the rolling countryside? Are sports and activities available in the vicinity of the property? Hot and sunny weather can be found all over France in the summer, particularly south of the Loire but not exclusively. Brittany and the Atlantic coast are known for their mild weather and are a very popular spot with foreign visitors and the French themselves during the long summer vacation.

Be aware that the French tend to take their holidays at the end of July or beginning of August, so accommodation in France might be scarce during this period. Make sure you book well in advance if you do intend to go to France during this period, as you don't want to be disappointed on arrival. This is especially true of popular areas such as Brittany and the Côte d'Azur, and always the case in Paris because the city is packed with tourists all year round.

The choices you face when looking for holiday accommodation in France are whether to stay in a hotel, a rented cottage or villa, a gîte (a self contained country cottage), a budget hotel, a bed and breakfast (a concept that is fast becoming as widespread in France as it is in the UK) called a chambre d'hôte in France, or to go camping on one of France's many sites. There is the chain of Logis de France hotels that have dedicated restaurants on the premises, or self catering options across the nation. Accommodation in France could cost anything from €15 per night to hundreds of euros per night for some of the top class hotels.