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There was a time when this travel provider teetered on the brink of financial ruin and was threatened by all the small discount flight dealers, but these days Air France is a major player in the world of both French and international air travel, with 42.9 million passengers flying on one of their flights in 2002 2003. In 2003 their fleet consisted of 354 aircraft and the company made over 1,800 flights every day.

Air France flies to 189 destinations in 84 countries, including the recent additions of Canton, Teheran, Pointe Noire, Malabo, Kuwait City, Doha and Tashkent. There are 107 medium haul destinations, and 82 long haul destinations. In spite of the crisis in international air travel in recent years, Air France has continued to grow and has a multi million euro turnover.

If you wish to fly to France from Britain or another international airport, you can choose to fly to one of Paris' two airports (Charles de Gaulle on the north side of Paris and Orly in the south); Toulouse or Montpellier (south west); Nice or Lyon (south east); Ajacco (on Corsica); Bordeaux (Atlantic coast); Nantes (in Brittany) and Strasbourg (in Alsace). Both of the Paris airports are well connected with the city through regular and not too expensive shuttle buses, regional rail networks and plenty of taxis. The other airports represent the main regions of France and are usually about 10km from the town centre with good bus or rail connections.

Once you are in France, taking a plane could be the best option to get you around this vast country. The train system in France is also excellent, but with good offers on plane tickets these days there is more reason than ever to shop around for a bargain. You might just find one! Air France flies to many smaller regional airports, including (amongst a number of others) Marseille France > , St Tropez and Nice in the south east; Lille and Metz in the north east; Rouen and Caen in Normandy; Rennes, Nantes and Quimper in Brittany; Grenoble near the Alps; and Perpignan near the Pyrenees. So, bear in mind that you could save money and time by taking a plane instead of a train on an internal journey.