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French Car Hire or Rental in France

There are a number of large car hire firms that have a network of places where you can hire a car in France. This is often quite a good option if you intend to pick up a car in one place and drop it off in another because the larger firms will probably be able to cope with you not returning the car to where you hired it. You will not have too much trouble when you are looking for a rental car in France because they are readily available, fairly cheap and also easy to organize. You can book your car hire through your travel agent, or online, direct with the company, before you go to France, making it a breeze when you arrive and just have to pick up the keys.

There are a couple of things to remember when hiring a car in France, such as the fact that you will need your passport and driving licence in order to hire the car. French drivers carry proof of identity, ownership and third party insurance cover at all times as this is a requirement of the law. It may be tempting to save money on insurance but do remember to check that the insurance is all bonafide in order to protect yourself from large costs in the event of a problem. Also, think about getting a vehicle recovery service for your journey as you don't want to spend the holiday stranded in the mountains because the car broke down.

Standards of rental cars may vary from company to company so be sure to shop around a bit in order to find a cheap deal that does not skimp on quality of service and vehicle. The big car rental names will have a presence at the major airports in Paris, Nice, Lyon and so on, which means that you can arrive at your destination and book when you get there, comparing prices between the different companies. If you are under 25 years old check whether the firm charges more than they quote in their literature as this can amount to quite a lot.

Finally, once you have hired your car and have all the relevant papers tucked in the glove box, remember that the French drive on the right!