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The Morbihan Golf (mor bihan is Breton for "little sea") has around 40 inhabited islands, and the Morbihan coastal region is full of Neolithic sites. Particularly noteworthy are the megalithic sites near Carnac, which date back to 5000BC, predating the Egyptian Pyramids, Stonehenge in England or Knossos.

While the stones at Carnac are less like a theme park than Stonehenge, most standing only 1m tall due to the erosion and meddling hands of 7000 years, they are quite an extraordinary spectacle and many theories try to explain their existence. Some claim they are a complex astronomical measuring system, others that they are simply a set of commemorative stones with one being erected every year rather than the whole alignment having been set out at once. You have to see them for yourself to believe it, so head 4km to the north of Carnac and look out for thousands of upright stones running in rows from northeast to southwest.


Apart from the megaliths, Carnac has two parts to it: the old village of Carnac Ville and the modern seaside resort Carnac Plage. July and August see the resort full to bursting, so it is better to go in late spring or early autumn when prices are lower and the streets less crowded. Also, hotels may put pressure on guests to accept a demi pension (half board) in the summer months. In Carnac Ville the Hotel le Ratelier at 4 Chemin de Douet (02 97 52 05 04) has €15 menus and rooms from €40 55, where as in Carnac Plage the Hotel Restaurant Ho Ty at 15 avenue de Kermario (02 97 52 11 12) has good value rooms from €30 40. There are many as nineteen campsites in Carnac, the best being at Men Dû (02 97 52 04 23) or the Grande Metarie (02 97 52 24 01) near the tumulus Kercado, which is more expensive. There are five beaches, the two best ones being Men Dû and Beaumer to the east of town. As for restaurants, ideally eating in one of the hotel restaurants is best for value, such as the Ratelier above, or there is also the Hotel Celtique at 82 avenue des Druides (02 97 52 14 15) that comes recommended.