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Carp fishing holiday in France

What better way to spend a relaxing holiday than to go carp fishing in France? Fishing is a very popular activity in France, with carp fishing being particularly common in Brittany. It is possible to go salmon and trout fishing in either Brittany, Normandy or on the Loire river. However, for the most truly beautiful rivers and varied scenery, try salmon fishing in the Pyrenees.

The Lot, Tarn and Garonne rivers, plus the Saône in the south east, offer the chance to fish for bass. In terms of sea fishing, the Atlantic has a plethora of fish including bass, mackerel, sardines, bream, grey mullet, and also lobster, scallops and crayfish. Night fishing trips are becoming more popular, but whatever you do be careful if you go out on the sea at night, and check that the trip organizers are fully qualified before you step into the boat.

As with many things in France, fishing is beset with rules and bureaucracy. There are various conservation rules that fishermen must follow and these can vary according to the region, and even change per river, so you must always check the specific rules that apply to you. The fishing season has rigidly controlled dates that also vary according to region, and sometimes certain days of the week are off limits even during the correct season. There are regulations to control which hooks and lures you use, the minimum size per species and how many fish you may catch in a day. If all of this sounds confusing, the local tackle shop should be able to advise you and they will have details of the appropriate department wide fishing organization to contact. Fishing licences can be acquired from the local tourist office.

There are a number of organisations that will arrange a carp fishing holiday in France for you. The service varies per company but the weekly price can include sorting out your accommodation, booking your ferry crossing, travel insurance, hire of fishing tackle and payment of fishing licences. The locations are often lakes that have been made from quarry mines or other such unused land, which have been reclaimed and turned into natural beauty spots and opened to carp anglers. Sometimes there are facilities on site, even including kitchens and showers, for those anglers who intend to make a long day of it.