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Dijon Hotels France French Holiday accommodation

Near to the Palais des Ducs in Dijon there are several beautiful hôtels particuliers that belonged to the burghers of Dijon: there are several on rue Verrerie, for example, and at numbers 38, 40 and 50 of the old main road, rue des Forges, both north of place de la Liberté. Also in this area is the Hotel de Vogüé at 12 rue de la Chouette, with the glazed roof tiles that you can see from the Tour Philippe le Bon.

Interestingly, the rue de la Chouette is named after the owl sculpture (chouette) carved into the northern side of the Église Notre Dame. For centuries people have touched the sculpture believing that it will bring them luck, wisdom and happiness, which is why the owl is now so well worn! On the south side of place de la Liberation the rue Vauban also abounds with attractive residences, especially the decorative hôtels particuliers at numbers 3, 12, 21 and 23.

If you visit Dijon during term time you will have to fight past the 24,000 students for a seat in one of the cafés on place Francois Rude, a popular hangout. The rue Monge, place Émile Zola and rue Berbisey are good for cafés, bars, restaurants and nightlife too, south of the rue de la Liberté. Le Chabrot at 36 rue Monge (03 80 50 02 35), for example, has an excellent wine cellar and good Burgundian fare on €19 and €27 menus. The congenial Italian restaurant Simpatico at 30 rue Berbisey (03 80 30 53 53) doesn't do pizza but has great dinners à la carte from €20.

Hotels in Dijon fill up fast in May/June and September/October, so be sure to book at least a week in advance to secure your place during these busy times. There is a range of accommodation in Dijon, including the peaceful Hotel du Palais, 23 rue du Palais (03 80 67 16 26) in an 18th century townhouse near the palace with rooms from €40 70. Le Jacquemart at 32 rue Verrerie (03 80 60 09 60) may have shared bathrooms but there is a lovely selection of antique furniture in the rooms, priced from €30 55.