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There are also many activities to try out during your vacation in France. You could kayak in the rivers of the Dordogne, ski in the Alps or sunbathe on the Atlantic coast. Golf and fishing are perennial favourites with visitors to France, so why not try out the first continental golf course ever opened at Pau?France is a wonderful country, which is why it is one of the world's most fascinating and rewarding tourist destinations. For a start, the French are great chefs, make some of the world's best wine, and really know how to lay on a good spread, so holidaymakers are always saying how much they enjoy eating in France. Whether you go out for dinner, eat in with friends or just picnic in the grounds of an old chateau, France has the right food on offer.

Travel options to France have increased dramatically in the last decade or so with the opening of the Channel Tunnel and the onslaught of budget flight options to France, not only to Paris but to many of the main provincial cities as well. This puts previously out of reach places like the Cote d'Azur firmly in line with the more traditional top weekend destinations. The transport system within France is also excellent, trains and buses cover much of this large country at very reasonable prices and the TGV trains mean you can get from Paris to Marseille in around three hours.

France is a country with a history that goes back to 50,000 BC. Hence there are literally thousands of monuments to visit, from Roman amphitheatres in Arles and Nimes, to troglodyte caves and other items of prehistoric interest in Brittany, the Massif Central and the south. France's museums are often well worth visiting for their interesting and well stocked collections. Don't worry if you can't speak French as many of the museums have explanations in English, French, German and Spanish. It is not only the museums in Paris that are valuable either. Toulouse has a fabulous modern art museum to rival the Pompidou Centre, for example, and there are great museums all over the provinces.

The thing to remember about planning a trip to France is that this is a country with everything you could possibly want from pyramids (in Paris) to turquoise seas, snow capped mountains to rolling fields. You could plan your trip on a theme, walking for example, or just aim to discover a region. Try all the food you can, visit as much as possible and, if you are able, speak the language as it is such an integral part of the French experience.