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French Real Estate Property in France

French Real Estate Property in France

Is French real estate a good investment?

In most areas of France real estate prices are rising more quickly than inflation, especially in the popular areas on the west and south coasts, and some parts of Brittany, which means that French property is fast becoming a smart investment proposal.

There are different ways to invest in French real estate, including moving your family home to France. This means that you are not paying rent, and there is always the possibility that the house will increase in value over time. Other than buying a family home, you could buy a property as a holiday home for use by family and friends, and it with any luck it would hold or increase its value. You could also rent it out to make extra money when you are not using it yourself. Alternatively, you might want to buy a property and use it for business purposes: you could do anything from opening a BB to using the property as an office. In the last few years, lots of people have been investing in French real estate purely to generate income when they sell it on retirement.

If you are thinking about buying French real estate you need to consider whether you can afford to have the capital tied up for at least five years, as investing in property (unless you intend to do it up and sell it again very quickly) should ideally be considered as a medium to long term investment of 10 to 15 years.

You also need to think about whether the value of the property will increase during the time you have allotted for the investment and, if so, whether the increase will outperform inflation.

If you intend to let the property, how easily will you be able to find tenants? And, if there are periods when the property is empty, will you be able to afford the mortgage on your own?

When you have given all of these issues careful consideration and made sure that you have got all the information you can garner on the subject, you will be ready to make a decision about investing in French real estate.