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Health and Safety France

France is a very safe holiday destination with no major travel warnings at present.

Holiday insurance is quick and easy to purchase before you go and can save you a myriad of worries further down the line for the sake of a few pounds.

The most common cause of hospital admissions for travellers isn't illness, but injury in road accidents. If you're on a ski holiday in France there's also the dangers of mishaps on the slopes, and your travel insurance should be purchased with this in mind. Travellers to the mountains may need cover for extra medical costs and repatriation to Britain. To be adequately covered while skiing or snowboarding your insurance must include mountain rescue services and helicopter costs.

There's also the chance that your luggage could get lost or stolen but with a solid insurance policy you needn't worry about these things. The best travel insurance for you depends on what you need. Would you rather pay up front and get your expenses reimbursed, or have the company pay your bills directly?

Take an EHIC card (European Health Insurance Card) with you on holiday. This replaced the E111 form in 2005. It is available from most UK post offices and will cover the cost of any emergency medical care at French state hospitals during your visit through a reciprocal EU agreement. It's best to travel with an the EHIC in conjunction with a comprehensive travel insurance plan, as the card does not cover all medical fees, repatriation or treatment of a non urgent, ongoing medical condition.

It's a good idea to pack any prescription medicine you might need while abroad in its original packaging, but pharmacists can provide you with medication for run of the mill aches, pains, and allergies. You don't need any particular form of vaccination to enter France.

While France is a very safe place, you should take sensible precautions to protect yourself against street crime. Keep your valuables close by at all times and try and avoid keeping them all in the same bag or pocket. Charles de Gaulle airport and Gare du Nord railway station in Paris are both renowned as notorious pickpocket hotspots, but needless to say this happens throughout the rest of the country as well.