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Holiday cottage in France French Travel

Holiday cottage in France French Travel

What could be more delightful than renting a holiday cottage in France for a few weeks this summer? One of the best ways of discovering a region and really getting to know what it feels like to live there is to hire a cottage in France and actually live like a local. This is an ideal way of spending your holiday if you intend to spend a week or two in one particular region. Holiday cottages are usually let in blocks of one week, Saturday afternoon to the following Saturday morning, which gives you plenty of time to get there and back without having to rush too much. It is all part of your relaxation in France!

The sheer variety of holiday cottages available to hire in France is phenomenal and you will, of course, have great difficulty choosing one. One method of narrowing it down is to decide which region you would like to discover and then look for cottages in that area. Most holiday cottage websites allow you to select a region and then view all the properties that match. Alternatively, you could choose a type or style of cottage perhaps you fancy staying in a chalet style house, or a traditional farming cottage and then search for cottages that fit those criteria. If you are completely stuck, you can always just type in the number of people who are coming on the holiday and look through all the listings for that number of guests. This could take a while though, so it is better to have more specific criteria, such as region or type.

You can also search according to activity, say fishing for example, and then choose a holiday cottage that will allow you to pursue that activity during your holiday.

Prices vary greatly depending on how many people are staying (there is usually a maximum with a supplement for extra guests), how many weeks you intend to rent the cottage, whether services (electricity, water, linen, cleaning) are included or not and, as with everything in France, which region you are staying in. The most popular regions such as Brittany and the Côte d'Azur continue to attract visitors from France and overseas every year. Prices vary per season as well, with July and August costing more than May, June and September. Bear in mind that, if the cottage is owned by a French person, they may wish to take their own holidays there and so the cottage might be unavailable in late July/early August