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If you are planning to spend a few weeks in the same region, you might want to consider renting a holiday home in France rather than paying for a hotel. If you rent a holiday home you can save yourself a fair amount of money because the price is usually a fixed price per property, with a given number of guests, and so you share the cost of rental between you rather than paying for individual hotel rooms. For example, if it costs €750 for a week during peak season for a four bedroom property in Brittany that sleeps five to six people, that works out at approximately €150 each for the week's accommodation.

A week in a hotel at that price would mean finding a hotel that only cost €25 per night, and the standard of accommodation would not be nearly as high.

Also, when you rent a holiday home in France, you give yourself the option of buying food at the local supermarket and cooking your own meals, thus making savings on the food budget, or eating out at restaurants when you feel like it. You are not obliged to eat in a restaurant every night like you are in a hotel. This gives you the opportunity to explore local culinary specialties at your leisure, or just to have something simple when you want it.

There is a very wide variety of types of holiday home in France, from a simple farm cottage to a grandiose manor house, and your choice will depend largely upon how many people are in your group and which region you wish to explore. Chalet style holiday homes are more common in the mountains, and there are plenty of apartments to rent on the sunny Côte d'Azur.

Once you have spent a few summers renting holiday homes in different parts of France, you may decide that you wish to invest in property of your own that you can rent out for the rest of the year when you are not there, giving yourself a little extra income. Remember that the process of buying a property in France is different to overseas and there is a lot of research to be done before you buy. The most important thing to remember about holiday homes in France is to enjoy them and to use them as a base for discovering what the region has to offer.