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Hotels and restaurants in Lille Lille France

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To find a hotel in Lille you could contact the tourist office on place Rihour (03 208 04 50 50), or try looking at one of the many websites offering to book hotel accommodation in Lille for you. All price ranges and styles of accommodation are available in Lille.

Choose anything from the Carlton at 3 rue de Paris (03 20 13 33 13), which will give you the red carpet treatment for about €150 per night, to the Hôtel de France at 10 rue de Béthune (the entrance is actually on rue de la Vieille Comédie) in the pedestrian shopping area, where rooms cost a mere €30.

There is a hostel at 12 rue Malpart, near rue de Paris (03 20 57 08 94), for card holders only, with rooms from €12.50, or a campsite that is 10km north of Lille in Bondues with bus links into Lille (Camping Les Ramiers; 03 20 23 13 42).

Lille is something of a gastronomical centre with plenty of choice when it comes to restaurants, brasseries or cafés. The one common feature of Lille restaurants is that they usually serve moules frites (mussels and chips), and a Flemish twist can be detected in a lot of the cooking. Rue de Béthune has plenty of cafés and brasseries, while around the Grand'Place and place Rihour there are lots of bustling cafés and restaurants. Rue Royale is good for more adventurous cuisine, whereas rue de Gand in the old town has a good mixture of styles.

The best restaurant in Lille is proclaimed to be L'Huitrière, 3 rue des Chats Bossus (03 20 55 43 41), which obviously serves oysters and fish dishes. Menus can be as much as €100 at dinner, or a more reasonable €40 at lunchtime, and individual dishes (plats) cost from €25 to €35.

For traditional Flemish fare head to T'Rijsel at 25 rue de Gand, which serves regional dishes for about €9 and lots of local beers. Good pizza can be found at Piccolo Mondo, 2 rue des Molfonds off the rue de Béthune.

The rue de Paris is full of touristy and loud bars that open late, whereas place Louise de Bettignies and the area around the cathedral have cooler, artier bars such as L'Imaginaire, which even has artworks on the walls. Les Trois Brasseurs at 22 place de la Gare serves traditional brasserie cuisine with its house brewed beers.

If you are self catering, try the Wazemmes market (food and clothes; Sun/Tues/Thurs) at place de la Nouvelle Aventure, or the smaller food market in old town place du Concert (Wed/Fri/Sun).

For free listings of events and concerts, pick up Sortir at the tourist office, or head to the Club Le 30 on rue de Paris for jazz concerts.