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Logis de France is a nationwide association of 3,000 hotels that are united in their philosophy of providing "l'hôtellerie à visage humain", in other words it aims to be a hotel business with a human touch. The concept driving the company is a warm welcome, authenticity and discovering the French terroirs, which means making the most of the fascinating regional differences that exist in France.

While the Logis de France hotels have many good qualities, their main selling point is that most of the 3,000 hotels have a restaurant attached to them that provides excellent food. The hotels are given a classification of one, two or three cheminées in accordance with the quality, value for money, food and service provided. The categories are very stringent, with over 200 criteria used to determine an individual hotel's classification, and a hotel's status can be reviewed at any time so they are constantly striving to offer the best service.

The Logis de France chefs are renowned for serving up delightful regional dishes using the best local produce. In these hotels you will find real gourmet food at realistic prices, served by people who take pride in their work.

As well as having excellent restaurants, Logis de France hotels have an average of eighteen rooms per hotel offering comfortable accommodation. Whether you are travelling for business, with your family or as a couple, there is a range of rooms to suit your needs. Prices are generally quoted based on two people sharing a room. If you opt to pay for demi pension you have breakfast and either lunch or dinner included in the price. This can work out a lot cheaper than having dinner separately, but your choice of food may be limited to a special menu for hotel guests. Don't be put off by this there is still an excellent choice of food available on the menu and you get the same service.

As Logis de France is a nationwide chain you will find their hotels in towns, villages, the countryside, by the sea, and in the mountains. They are great starting point for your journey of discovery when you visit France, whether you wish to go fishing, cycling, walking, skiing, wine tasting or simply to relax.