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Lyon (spelt Lyons in English) has been a banking, commercial and industrial centre for 500 years. It is known for having great food and museums, its university and the prized old town. In 43BC the Romans established Lugdunum here as the capital of Gaul, and Christianity arrived in 2 AD during the Roman heyday. Printing came in 1473, shortly after the invention of the printing press, and by the 16th century hundreds of publishers and printers worked in Lyon.

From the 15th century the textiles industry grew in importance and, in the 18th century, Lyon was the silk weaving capital of Europe. The town has produced some famous scientists including the Lumière brothers who made the first motion picture in 1895.

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The town is divided into nine arrondissements, starting with the 1 st and 2nd arrondissements on the Presqu'île, an 800m wide peninsula between the Rivers Rhône and Saône. Le Vieux Lyon lies between the west bank of the Saône and the hills (5th and 9th arrondissements). East of the Rhône one are the 3rd and 6th 8th arrondissements. La Croix Rousse area forms the 4th arrondissement to the north of the Presqu'île.

http://www.en.lyon Official tourist site for Lyon.

Old Lyon is full of restored Medieval and Renaissance houses, particularly on the rues St Jean, du Boeuf and des Trois Maries. There are lots of gargoyles to spot on the rue Juiverie. Vieux Lyon is divided into three villages or sections: the northern St Paul, southern St Georges, and St Jean in the middle. The 19th century Palais de Justice on the quai Romain Rolland welcomes you into the area from the Presqu'île. The Cathédrale St Jean behind, built from 1180 1480, is mainly Romanesque with a Flamboyant Gothic façade, and a 14th century astronomical clock.

For every preserved old feature of Lyon, the town has another thoroughly modern aspect, such as the driverless métro, the tram, the two train stations and air links. The métro runs from 5am 12am. Tickets bought as a carnet are cheaper (€10.60) as opposed to a single fare of €1.40. Each ticket lasts an hour and includes three changes on any method of transport. The tourist office (04 72 77 69 69) is on the south eastern edge of the place Bellecour in the 2nd arrondissement, or in summer there is another in Vieux Lyon on avenue Adolph Max.