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You shouldn't have much trouble finding a room in one of Marseille's hotels, even in the peak times of July and August, because tourists do not tend to flock here as they do to other cities in Provence or on the Cote d'Azur. The tourist office at 4 La Canabière (04 91 13 89 00) will happily help you arrange accommodation without charging a fee, which can be a useful service if you get stuck or simply can't decide which Marseille hotel to choose.

Some of the hotels in Marseille are part of the Bonne Weekend en Ville scheme whereby you get two nights for the price of one, so if you are coming to Marseille on a Friday ask the tourist office for details.

Marseille hotels can be large or small, in the Vieux Port area or further out of the centre, luxurious or cheap and cheerful. If you have the money and want to splash out at the Vieux Port, try the Frantour Tonic Hôtel at 42 quai des Belges (04 91 55 67 46) where you can get a room with jacuzzi and steam bath for €100 125 per night. A cheaper alternative at 35 quai des Belges is the Alizé (04 91 33 67 97), which has rooms overlooking the port at the more expensive end of the €55 70 scale.

If you are looking for something central in terms of price and location then head for the Esterel at 124 rue Paradis (04 91 37 13 90) for modern accommodation at €40 55, or the Azur at 24 cours Franklin Roosevelt (04 91 42 74 38) near the cours Julien with good rooms for the same price.

At the more budget end of Marseille's hotel market is the Lutétia at 38 allée Léon Gambetta (04 91 50 81 78), a friendly place in a central location with rooms for under €30, or Le Béarn at 63 rue Sylvabelle (04 91 37 75 83), offering bargain central accommodation for under €30 as well.

As you would expect in an international city, there is plenty of international cuisine on offer in Marseille, especially around the cours Julien and place Jean Jaurès area, the Tunisian Dar Djerba at 15 cours Julien (04 91 48 55 36) for example, with wonderful tiles and €23 menus. When out shopping stop off somewhere on the rue Paradis for a quick lunchtime snack, or in Le Panier area to the north of the Vieux Port for snacks and bistro cuisine at places like Chez Étienne, 43 rue Lorette in the 2nd arrondissement. For bouillabaisse aficionados the only place to go is Chez Michel at 6 rue des Catalans (04 91 52 30 63) where you get to meet the ingredients (five types of fish) before your soup is made, but you pay for the privilege at €45 per dish.