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When you are moving to France you should try and use a removal company that is a member of the International Federation of Furniture Removal (FIDI) or the Overseas Moving Network International (OMNI). Apart from the obvious benefits of having some assurance of quality and experience, some of the members will have subsidiary companies in France, which could be useful if ever you have to make an insurance claim or there are problems with the move.

Guide to moving to France

How much does moving to France cost?

Removal companies charge by volume, so by square metre in Europe or square foot in the US. Typically, moving from a three or four bedroom house in London to the south of France will cost between €4,000 and €7,000.

It takes a few days to move your belongings from one EU country to another and up to eight weeks if moving from overseas (approximately four weeks from US, and 8 weeks from Australasia). You should get written confirmation of the maximum transit period as you don't want to be waiting months for your furniture to arrive! Also, it is advisable to get insurance for your belongings whilst they are in transit, preferably from a source other than the removal company itself. You may even want to take photographs of your most valuable possessions to help with any (hopefully hypothetical) insurance claims. China and other breakables might only be covered by insurance if the company has packed them, so make a note of this if you intend to pack your belongings yourself. You usually have to make insurance claims within seven days.

Be sure to forewarn the removal company of any difficulties in accessing your new property, such as narrow lanes or gateways, ground that is too soft to support a heavy lorry, or in case furniture has to be passed through upstairs windows. If you tell them in advance, they can make allowances for such problems and account for it in the quotation, otherwise you may be liable for extra (unseen) costs.

You may also want to make a rough floor plan of the new house and number the rooms on it. Number the boxes accordingly and the removers will be able to put the boxes in the correct rooms to save you time later and hassle on the actual move day.

Moving to France is a good opportunity to sell, throw or give away half of your belongings and start afresh. You could then spend the money you save on removal costs on buying furniture that is appropriate for your new house.