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Considerations when owning property abroad

You should try and have answers to the following questions before you start seeking out property for sale abroad. Will you be able to take your pets with you? Are there local schools for your children, especially international schools where they can continue their studies in English? Are you going to be able to learn the language easily? How will you organise your finances: second mortgage? Sell your house in England first?

You will first need to choose your location and, with a country the size of France, this is no easy task. You may already know which areas of France you like from previous holidays or recommendations from friends. If not, invest in a couple of good guide books and read up about the different regions. There are 22 different regions in France. Each region has its own culture, history and local culinary speciality, so there is bound to be one that fits in with your requirements. Also, the climate varies a lot in France from mountain to coastal climates so take time to choose one that suits you. Once you have narrowed down your choice to one region, it is strongly recommended that you rent a house first before you leap in and buy a property. That way, you will get to know the area intimately and pick the perfect location for you and your family.

If you are looking to buy property abroad as an investment, you will need to consider not only your personal preferences for the location, but also think about whether you will be able to rent out the property easily, or sell it on later. If, however, you are looking for property for sale abroad because you wish to relocate, there are a number of further issues to consider. Will you be able (and eligible) to find work in the area? Paris is the economic centre of France and more jobs will be available there than in the rest of France. Or, if you can work from home and just commute to Paris once a week or so, what are the transport links to Paris like from your area? The TGV trains (trains à grande vitesse) run to Strasbourg, the south and west coasts, and whisk you to Paris in under three hours. The normal train services are also very good, which puts Normandy at only three hours away from the capital. There are usually cheap flights to Paris from many local airports, especially Nice, Bordeaux and Toulouse.