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Finding a property in France is fairly straightforward as there are many ways to go about it. You could try looking in the French newspapers and magazines dedicated to property in France, such as De Particulier à Particulier, La Semaine Immobilière, or La Centrale des Particuliers.

There are also a number of English language publications, including the monthly French Property News and Living France. The national daily papers often have advertisements for (expensive) property for sale in France, and local papers may contain private advertisements. Estate agent chains also issue property magazines.

The internet has an extensive range of websites dedicated to finding property in France, some of which are organised by French property agents.

Huge selection of property in France for all budgets

Half of the property for sale in France is sold privately, so you may have to drive around a look for A VENDRE (for sale) signs or ask the locals if they know of any property for sale in the area.

There are property developers who either sell direct or through agents but be aware that you don't have to have a licence to sell property in France.

Finally there are the estate agents (agents immobiliers) who only sell 50% of the property in France. For buyers from abroad, however, it is likely that an agent or a notary will handle the property sale. You can even use an agency in your own country that has links with an agent in France for the transaction. However you find your agent, they will probably expect you to be there in person to look for a property and they don't generally fax or post property details out.

Will I need a lawyer in order to buy a property in France?

It is a good idea to begin your search for property in France by consulting a lawyer who can advise you on the different ways of owning a French property, your mortgage options and the inheritance and tax rules in France. Ask around to find a good lawyer by word of mouth, or approach the consulate, which may provide a list of English speaking lawyers. A number of English lawyers have dual qualifications in the UK and France and so they will be able to advise you on buying a property in France and explain it all to you in plain English. Lawyer's fees will add to total cost of buying a house in France but, in the event that your dream turns into a nightmare, a lawyer could save you a lot of money.