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The St Malo train station is somewhat removed from the centre 2km along the Avenue Louis Martin at Place de la Grande 'Hermine but more conveniently, the buses run to the tourist office (02 99 56 64 48) on the Esplanade St Vincent before the Avenue Louis Martin by the city wall.

It is usually best to reserve in advance if you plan to stay in a St Malo hotel, especially during high season when all of its 100 hotels are booked out. The "intra muros" St Malo hotels (those within the city walls) are more expensive than the ones over in the suburbs, which is down to the fact that most of the nightlife and interesting sights are within the walls as well. In the summer they may even insist that you eat in the hotel restaurant or pay a premium. Places such as the Hotel Aux Vieilles Pierres (02 99 56 46 80) at 9 rue Thévenard are good value with rooms (no shower) for under €30, or with shower for €45. Outside the citadelle options include Le Beaufort at 25 chausée du Sillon in Paramé (02 99 40 99 99) which has balconies, sea views and a good restaurant for €40 55. If you have left it a bit late, the tourist office is very helpful and may be able to advise on finding a last minute hotel room in St Malo.

Once settled into your accommodation, your thoughts may well turn to food. Between Porte St Vincent and the Grande Porte inside the walls you will find plenty of restaurants to choose from. Le Brick is a good seafood restaurant at 5 rue Jacques Cartier (02 99 40 18 88) with menus from €12 30. For something upmarket try Duchesse Anne, 5 7 place Guy la Chambre (02 99 40 85 33) next to the Porte St Vincent where lunch may only cost €20 but dinner will be at least €45, and €65 for the menu including lobster. There are so many restaurants and the ambience can be quite appealing, so why not have an aperitif outside and then wander along the cobbled streets until you find a menu that catches your eye?