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The important thing to remember about booking a Strasbourg hotel is to do it in advance! This is especially important during the plenary parliamentary sessions that take place over four days, once every month except August and twice in October.

The tourist office (03 88 52 28 28) will be able to give you precise dates. During the sessions, MEPs and their followers and co workers crowd into Strasbourg's hotels, booking up whole corridors months in advance. This leaves little hope for the average tourist hoping to find a last minute room in the city centre. If you do find yourself in this situation, the tourist office will be able to advise on where there are rooms available for that night, and may even book it on your behalf for a small fee. Hostels are less likely to be full of politicians, but it is still better to reserve ahead. Also, during the Christmas markets (Weihnachtsmarkt/Marché de Noël) hotels will be booked up on weekends in December.

At the upper end of the scale, Strasbourg has a fairly good selection of hotels. One of the best is the Cathédrale at 12 13 place de la Cathédrale (03 88 22 12 12), which combines stylish accommodation, ideal location, views of the cathedral and a trendy bar all for €70 85. There is also a good range of cheaper accommodation, in the centre of town and also near the station, although some of the latter can be a bit ropey. The Hotel de L'Ill at 8 rue des Bateliers (03 88 36 20 01) is a family run and comfortable place, near to the cathedral with rooms from only €30 40.

Restaurants in Alsace range from the Michelin starred (there are more in Alsace than any other region) to the local winstub or bierstub, wine or beer bars serving regional cuisine and wine or beer. For more information about Alsatian dishes, click here. Strasbourg has a wide variety of restaurants, and also lots of ethnic and foreign cuisine from Afgan to Thai. Some of the restaurants that claim to be winstubs are in fact only restaurants with some Alsatian dishes. The real deal will probably have beams, benches, lots of noise and a table reserved for the patron's guests (the Stamtisch). The St Sépulchre at 15 rue des Orfèvres (0388 32 39 97) is hailed as an authentic winstub; S'Munsterstuewel at 8 place du Marché aux Cochons de Lait (03 88 32 17 63) is a more expensive version with great wines; Les Trois Brasseurs, 22 rue des Veaux brews beer in house and has dishes from €4.60. The Michelin starred restaurants are Le Buerhiesel, 4 parc de l'Orangerie (03 88 45 56 65) with three stars and the stuffier Le Crocodile, 10 rue de l'Outre (03 88 32 13 02) with two stars; both have menus from €50 130.